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The demand for forest products is strong in the southeast, and we are competitively pursing standing timber in Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee  
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Gilkey Lumber Company has purchased standing timber in the western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina area for over sixty years.  We offer competitive pricing and on-site harvesting supervision.  Our timber procurement representatives are North Carolina and South Carolina Registered Foresters with Bachelor of Science degrees in Forest Management, and can advise you on varying forest management and reforestation methods.  

Gilkey Lumber Co. maintains a diverse contract logging force capable of performing various types of timber harvests, and  receive regular updated training on topics including sound environmental practices, ethical business practices, and operational safety. All Forestry Best Management Practices regarding water quality and erosion control are followed.  

Gilkey Lumber Co. offers up-front payment or prompt pay as cut.  References are available upon request. If you are interested in receiving competitive prices, professional harvesting conducted by skilled loggers and supervised by professional foresters, please contact us for a no cost, no obligation assessment of your timberland.

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Timber Harvesting

Clearcut Harvesting – Clearcut harvest are generally used when full sunlight will be required to regenerate a new “single – aged” forest.  Clearcut sites are ideal for replanting pine species or allowing the site to reforest naturally from seed and stump. Clearcuts make exceptional habitat for small and large game.

Reforestation Harvesting – Reforestation or regeneration harvests are generally used when the new forest will be regenerated naturally by seed trees left after the harvest.  The number of seed trees that are left vary depending on species and landowner objectives.

Thinnings – Thinnings are generally used when growth has slowed and a forest stand is in need of competition reduction and may be used in varying methods.  Mature timber may be harvested to allow more sunlight to reach the younger forest below or suppressed, understory trees may be harvested to allow the dominant trees to acquire more resources.    

Residential/ Development Harvesting – Developement harvests are generally used when new housing developments or business/ industrial parks are being constructed and tree conservation in part of the plan.  These types of harvest may come with the ability to operate under ordinances and regulations uncommon to the logging industry.


Forestry Services

Forest Management Plans – If Interested, landowners who sell timber to Gilkey Lumber can be provided with a written forest management plan tailored to their long term forest and land management goals.

Reforestation Assistance – Whether you plan to clearcut an existing timber stand and replant with pine or perform a regeneration harvest, the Gilkey lumber timber procurement team will ensure that your future forest begins right.

Forestry Present – Use Tax Valuation Assistance –  Landowners in North Carolina may take advantage of this program and may receive a significant reduction in property tax as long as the property remains in forestry.  Certain constraints must be met, one of which requires a written forest management plan prepared by a NC Registered Forester. The Gilkey Lumber timber procurement team can further explain the program, and assist our landowners in qualifying for the program.    


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