About Gilkey Lumber Company...

A Brief History

In 1953, the founder and president of Gilkey Lumber, Mr. Jess Parton, purchased a wholesale pine lumber business in the Gilkey community. The business employed approximately eight people. In 1955 a sawmill was added to the business. A fire destroyed the sawmill in 1963, and it was rebuilt in 1966. The sawmill remained in operation until 1989, when a new Salem band mill was installed and is still in operation.

In 1980, as the overseas demand for North American hardwoods was still in its infancy, Gilkey entered the export marketplace. We remain committed to exporting because be we believe the mixture of quality and excellent specifications we produce allows us to offer the products overseas customers are expecting. The last 15 years have seen extraordinary growth at Gilkey Lumber. In 1989 when the company installed the computerized band mill to increase yield from each log and ensure that every board is of consistent thickness. In 1992, the company's dehumidification kilns were torn down and replaced with 4 computer-controlled, conventional steam kilns with a total capacity of 320,000 board feet (755m3). In an effort to be as efficient as possible, the company uses sawdust to fire the boiler for the kilns. Last year, a computerized optimizing edger was added, which has increased yield and further upgraded the quality of our lumber manufacturing.

Gilkey Lumber built a new office building in 1999, showcasing many of the different species of lumber processed through its mill.